Let's use Blender to create our own 3D games

Blender, the famous surface modelling software contains also a game engine.

Hello everybody. Many know the powerful 3D surface modeller that goes by the name of Blender, a software that demonstrates the power of open source really well. The software, pretty complicated to use at the beginning, allows you to create all the necessary stuff to craft nice 3D videogames, such stuff can then be loaded in powerful engines like OGRE or IRRlicht. Not everybody knows that inside Blender there is a powerful game engine that will let you create good videogames right on the spot. The engine uses Python as a scripting language and needs some learning to be used well.

You can find some tutorials on Blender's website, you just need to follow this tutorial

Also you can download Blender from This link

Have fun everybody, our trip in the world of game development is not over yet, I'll keep on showing free tools to unleash your creativity.

See you in the next post!