4 websites dedicated to free learning

Let's take a look at 4 new websites we can use to learn new things, as well as boost our skills

Hello everybody,

Today I want to first introduce you to the new learning tag, specifically dedicated to everything that can help us learning new stuff as well as boost our knowledge and skills for working and to make ourselves better as people.

I want to introduce you as well to four websites dedicated to free learning, so we better dive into this mega-post!

The first website is coursera.org, which offers courses of any kind, with a very nice search box. Categories go from science to Language learning, as well as art and personal development.

Notable thing is that Coursera has partnerships with over 100 entities scattered all over the world, among them we can find American Universities like Stanford and Rutgers, as well as Italian Universities like Politecnico di Milano, Bocconi e La Sapienza.

The website needs a free registration, and some of its courses have a certification.

Now let's go into something a bit more specific, with a name that itself is a world-wide institution: the MIT.

The Massachussets Institute of Technology gives us "OpenCourseware", which allows us to access video-lectures, notes and full courses for free and with no registration required

Among the courses we find Fundamental of Photovoltaics, Computer Systems Security, Classic Mechanics, Number Theory and many other things that will surely poke your curiosity, as well as giving you a huge amount of knowledge.

If you want to take a look, you just need to open the OpenCourseware website.

Now for the third website: Yale University gives us Open Yale Courses, where we find full video-lectures, as well as audio-lectures and text transcripts, again without any registration.

The website puts out a lot of courses that include subjects like Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Economy, English, History, Music and Phylosophy, as well as lots of other subjects.

Yale Online has also a partnership with Coursera, which I mentioned earlier.

And now for the last website: Johns Hopkins gives us JHSPH OpenCourseware which, in a similar fashion to MIT's OpenCourseware, gives us material that is specifically oriented to research and education in the subject of public health.

It's a very specific page, but it's still worth including in this list I'm making.

The courses page is extremely rich in content and is useful for the ones who want to have more information about public health and prevention of diseases in the world.

With this, we finished out small trip around these four websites, but our voyage in the world of Free Learning is endless!

Thank you everybody for reading, have a good one.

See you in the next post!