Doom 3 BFG Edition - The Lost Mission

Thu 07 September 2017 Translations: it

Let's take a look at the second DLC for Doom 3, The Lost mission, and let's give it a score.


There's some new stuff here, mostly because there a couple of maps that are completely new. Graphics, like in Resurrection of Evil, keep looking a bit old.


If the story in Resurrection of Evil was linear, this is a straight line. The Story has some links with the main campaign, and uses the Grabber and Super Shotgun from Resurrection of Evil.

The expansion includes 8 maps, and beginning-to-end it took me 112 minutes to complete the whole thing (less that 2 hours), including menus, intermissions, listening to a really long tape before the finale and many breaks.



Even here you can have issues with volume levels, diaries are hard to hear so much that you hear an NPC behind a glass better than your own diaries in an earpiece.


How much does it take to kill a Wraith? Two gun shots in the chest just after starting the game, or two shotgun shells in the head just two minutes later.

This lets us see how the enemy health and damage balancing needs a review, another time.

You can find bugs here too, like pieces of an invisible polygon that stop the enemies to hit you where they should obviously have.

It seems to be the standard of Doom 3 BFG.

The final battle is anticlimactic, with a boss that was already seen in the main campaign, just a lot simpler. Not quite right.


Honestly I wasn't expecting much from this expansion, given the results of Resurrection of Evil; and yet I'm still disappointed.

The Lost Mission leaves less to the player than what Resurrection of Evil did, if this DLC was sold separatedly someone would need to pay me money to play it, because this expansion is more of a "chore" than fun.


Maybe it would have been better if this expansion never existed.

End of the Series

So we're at the end of the series dedicated to Doom 3 BFG Edition, the game doesn't have such horrific errors to deserve under-the-ground score, but considering the differences with the Classic edition, like the lack of Mod support, lack of what I consider vital settings, missing content, the game is not good. It's barely decent.

Like in the last post, let's take a look at the weighted average: 48/100

Thank you everybody for reading this post and see you in the next one!


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