Net Neutrality, the FCC is at it again! (US Post Only)

Fri 08 December 2017

As the new deadline inches closer, I want to say even more about the FCC act on Net Neutrality

Yes, after less than 6 months, we're here again.

The FCC is sure about voting for the repeal of Net Neutrality, or as its chairman calls the act "Restoring Internet Freedom".

For more basic information about net neutrality, please see This older post about Net Neutrality.

I decided to join the "Break the internet" protest with 's widget that will pop up on each page that will be surfed.

But I want to give you an insight on some more things that corporations "Promised":

Comcast promises to not block or throttle the internet, and that they'll be transparent to its own customers.

Comcast has been throttling NetFlix until the latter decided to pay a hefty sum to get back to the "fast lane" that Comcast created. So with an AD, Comcast failed to be transparent, making the same AD 2/3rd of a lie, unless Comcast blocked websites too.

Oh wait! There are posts about the corporation blocking Reddit and other legit websites.


Other corporations have blocked and throttled things like torrent (which, regardless of what some say, is more used for legit downloading than piracy), websites that would make a dangerous competitor to their own services, Like Google Wallet for Verizon, who wanted to shove through its own version of a digital wallet called... You won't believe this... ISIS Mobile Wallet.

The FCC says that Net Neutrality ruling damaged investments, now let's think with our heads for a second... If you had the chance to tier the internet, get websites to pay you to use your cables and get loads of money, what would you do?

a) Invest in better infrastructures, spending money so that the network gets faster

b) Keep the cables alive by using the cheapest maintenance possible, and keep what is left for yourself

Come on, you know what the answer is.

Some companies are already hinting at some tiering options, even before the repeal is decided to be done or not.

The FCC "comment system" is weak, too weak to be there to mean anything, bots spammed it, giving the FCC Chairman an excuse to brush off all the comments as fake, while if you take away the bot comments from both pro- and anti-repeal, you get that the Anti-Repeal Comments beat the Pro-Repeal ones 75 to 1 or more.

Now let's get to the most dangerous thing of all, the "conspiracy territory".

Everything that is written here is product of my own fantasy and doesn't mirror reality, it's just something I invented to see what happened if I was to be the most evil I could be

Imagine that Net Neutrality rules are no more. Everywhere in the world. Corporations can now re-route and filter your news, among other things.

When you control what people see, you control what people think.

After a while, a government goes rogue and pays corporations to spread the fake news of a huge emergency that would rely on a law passed some months earlier, without a single word from the media.

That law makes it so that in a well-defined state of emergency, all the powers are centralized to the president and no elections can take place.

This situation has no set duration.

Congratulations, you have a dictatorship.

Let's be serious for a second. Even though this is an extreme example of what could happen, repealing Net Neutrality is a serious threat to your freedom of speech, freedom of getting fair and real news and freedom of being yourself.

What Can I do?

Before the new deadline, December 14th, 2017 you can call your representatives, because this is a vital matter to your freedom, and it shouldn't be decided by only five people.

Make your voice loud.

Be a hero of your own generation and defend your freedom, being it to say your opinion, watch real (or fake) news, or just enjoy videos of teacup pigs wearing bow ties.

Do it now.

Thanks for reading this post. Please have a nice day.