A free book everyday, from PacktPub

Let's take a look at the 'Free Learning' offer from PacktPub and get a free ebook every day!

Greetings everybody,

If you're programmers, or aspire to be one, you have a good knowledge of the english language, then you cannot miss the "Free Learning" offers from Pack Publishing; if you're registered to the website (it's free) you can access a free ebook a day.

Everything works via a "claiming" mechanic, if you see a book that you like, you click the "claim" button, like you would say "I want a copy of that" and that book will be automatically transferred to your account, without any payment to do, or complex stuff to take care of.

The book subjects go from basic programming in Python, up to Node.js and its design patterns, then through concurrency and you can even get to procedural content generation for videogame development, and the usage of frameworks to create such videogames.

If you want to see the book available today, just follow this link

That's all for today, thanks for reading this post and see you next time!