Game Bytes: One Finger Death Punch

Let's take a look at this little game from Silver Dollar

Two buttons, one objective: put down all the baddies in the level. Let's see how this little big game behaves when under closer inspection.


Graphics is bright and crisp, even though at times it gets ridiculous with all the huge chaos that we'll find on our monitors. The majority of the game looks like a theatre set where stage props come down from the sky so they can get destroyed, this makes us understand that the game doesn't take itself too seriously.

Setup and performance

Setup is completely painless, the game loads only at startup, after that it's a level after the other. No loading screens, no waiting, only action. There are no slowdowns during the gameplay, even after a good amount of time we're playing nonstop.


The hits, grunts and the rest of the SFX relate well to the relaxing activity of beating bad dudes like there's no tomorrow, and the music (including some tracks from Chinese Dange Machine) are a good complement to the fights.


You can't move in this game, you have to wait that the enemies get close enough so you can beat them properly, left click for a left punch and right click for a right punch. The concept is simple to understand but very complex to master, plus there are weapons that extend your fighting radius, many modes including survival, time trials, laser sword and nunchuck rounds as well as boss fights. There are also skills to unlock and automatic difficulty adjustment. That's all.


Gameplay-wise the game seems to be poor, but offers enough variety to entertain the player for hours. Differently from other games that are story-based, this one exists for the sake of existing. The game is pure fun as it is, and adding other elements will end up spoiling the experience. The automatic difficulty adjustment allows us to always have a good challenge that is up to our skill level but at the same time, no matter how much we end up sucking, we'll always have that sensation of kicking it and making some awesome fights.

As usual, it's score time, from 0 to 100 and I think a fair score for this game could be: 83/100

With a side note to try this game if you like the genre.

Thank you everybody for reading this small review, have a nice one and see you in the next post!


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