New Category - Game Bytes

Mon 26 June 2017 | tags: AnnunciTranslations: it

A new category in the website is being opened: Game Bytes, extremely short reviews of the games i tried.

Greetings everybody,

this blog has become more and more a way to throw my thoughts somewhere instead of being an "almost-professional" website about information technology tips and tricks, so I decided to open a new section to further expand this "thought dump": Game Bytes.

The idea is to have a small section dedicated to videogames that I purchased (if not free-to play or freeware), got as gifts, tried and evaluated, in an extremely brief and, if necessary, incisive way.

The main objective is giving a general idea of how a game has introduced itself to me, if it has impressed me (or not) and at the end of everything give a score, out of 100, based on how I enjoyed the game experience.

It's a possibility that I'll praise way too much games that I liked a lot, while I'll mop the floor with games that I didn't enjoy, but one thing is sure, I'll avoid to get influenced by other scores like Metacritic or IGN. Everything will be based only from my gaming experience.

The term "Game Bytes" is a well-thought word play (in my humble opinion) between "byte" as "IT size unit", basics of the information technology, so to represent the videogames, and "byte" as it has a similar pronunciation as "bite", "chunk", something very small that can be consumed all at once, reinforcing the concept that the posts will be brief and usually can be read in less than 2 minutes.

Along with this announcement, or at least in the same day, the first post should come out.

Take care everybody and thank you for reading!