Game Bytes: Bioshock Infinity

Get your SkyHook ready, because we're about to fly inside of Bioshock Infinity!

Greetings everybody, today we'll take a look at Bioshock Infinity, the third installment of the Bioshock saga. There are lots of things to say, but I want to be as short as possible, so let's dive into it!


Graphics are marvelous, even though my PC forced me to limit the resolution to values lower than 800x600 (yeah, I own something more similar to a coffeemaker than a PC). Lights are really well-made, surfaces are really high quality and the overall looks are spot-on.

Setup and Performance

Even though the textures are really high-quality and you can apply lots of filtering, I infinitely appreciate the presence of settings that are more oriented towards toasters than PCs. Loading screens don't last too long, and the in-map loads are extremely rare (you can count them on the fingers of your hand in the whole game). With my settings, which can be classified as medium-low, the game runs smooth, without any freeze or hiccup, even in the most chaotic situations.


High quality effects, great music. Sadly the italian dubbing sounds a bit off, but that doesn't influence the enjoyment of the game.


I could write books about this, the gameplay is solid, the right mix of strategy and action. Most of the time we will travel with Elizabeth, and her AI is amazing: finds cover by herself during a fight, in the most critical moments she will find ammunition for you, finds cash and medkits, makes you notice some useful tools that you might miss and also there has been a huge dose of emotion injected into the character. So much you can see when Elizabeth is scared or Thoughtful, she looks just like a real person.

Extras - The Story

The story starts pretty slowly, and tends to become confused the more you go on with the game, explaining not much more than what's strictly necessary. Until the end, where a huge mind-bending jaw-dropping finale is waiting for you. So much that a full cargo ship will be able to go through your mouth.


Even if you didn't play the first two chapters of the series, I strongly suggest to try this game. Actually, if you have the complete collection, I suggest to play the series in its natural order, and after finishing Bioshock Infinite, start over from the first game. This game will stick into your mind so much that you'll notice details in the other games that you would never thought you would notice before. Guaranteed.

The final score, as in the previous review, goes from 0 (why does this game even exist?) to 100 (how can you live without it?).

I think a fair score, considering the impression it has given to me and the small flaws here and there, would be 98/100

Thank you everybody for reading, see you in the next post!


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