Game Bytes: Fight Knight Kickstarter Demo 11

Let's take a look at an interesting project: Fight Knight

Coming out in 2018, Fight Knight is an interesting project: a mix of dungeon crawler and first person fighting game. Let's see how it behaves under pressure.


The graphics are made in pixel-art, but in some cases (like the first cutscene) it looks more low-resolution than pixel-art. Everything reminds much of some old 256 color videogames.

Some details in the inventory menu are nice, where you can see the protagonist's arm that is used as cursor in the menu.

Setup and performace

No slowdowns and the setup of this demo is as simple as extracting an archive. That's all.


Sounds are nice but not really anything special, the music are average, enjoyable and complement well our adventures.


Here we have a double gameplay: while fighting we can punch like madmen using the space bar, parry with shift and select special moves with ctrl; while we're crawling the dungeon we're going to use only our keyboard, we can go forward and back with "w" and "s", rotate left and right with "a" and "d", move sideways with "q" and "e", the movement is tile-based.

The game has some puzzles, lots of floors (4 available in the demo), random encounters and boss fights

Funny that to talk to NPCs you have to punch them.

Extra: The developer team

Needs notice the choice of the developer to not include "stretch goals" over the 13000 Canadian Dollars, understandable given that you should under-promise and eventually over-deliver. The developers prefer to focus on the game itself, instead of promising features that might not be included within the time given by the money raised. Let's remember that 13000 dollare are not much, less than an year of development without working on anything else.


The game like this is... average. It's no masterpiece or horrible thing. The concept is interesting and can be played pretty well, the graphics are good complement to the game, so is the music. Surely a good game to try anyway.

As usual, it's time for the score, from 0 (as fun as an office suite) to 100 (how can you live without this?).

I'd say the same is okay, with a small bonus for creativity and moral integrity of the devs; I think a fair score is 65/100.

As usual, thanks for reading and see you in the next post!


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