O'Reilly Media giving out free ebooks

Hello everybody,

As a spiritual successor of this article, today I want to show you an offer for free ebooks from O'Reilly Publishing, all with main subject computer science, with a well made section about programming. We can see, among the many others: - Programming - Software Engineering - Open Source - Software Architecture and Design patterns - Businesses and Leadership - Data Science and Big Data - Businesses and Industry - Data Science - AI-related Ebooks - Big Data Architecture - Hardware and Internet of Things (IoT) - Introductory books - Design - Industrial and Manifacturer-related IoT - Security - Web Development - Development - Performance Improvement - DevOps and WebOps

Everything can be downloaded with a free registration.

Also it looks like the publisher is going to release new ebooks once in a while, so it's worth to keep an eye on the website.

Thank you everybody for reading this article, happy reading!