OGRE - An opensource 3D engine for our projects

Introducing OGRE, a really popular Open source rendering engine, with all the features you need to create 3D videogames.

Greetings, let's keep going with our trip in the world of Game Development with a 3D rendering engine which is also Open Source: OGRE. OGRE will let you create your own 3D games using a whole lot of tools; obviously you need to know a bit of advanced C++ programming to use it well, but after learning it, this program will give you huge satisfaction.

Among OGRE's features we find:

  • Support for direct3D and OpenGL
  • Vertex/Pixel shader support
  • Loading textures from JPG, PNG and lesser known formats like Volumetric Textures
  • Particle systems
  • Much more

On the official Website you can find downloads for the SDK compatible with Visual C++.net 2008 and 2010, as well as versions compatible with iOS, MacOS and MinGW. Among the old versions you can find the one that works with the old Visual C++ 2005.

On the bottom of the SDK download page, you can find various wrappers for Java and Python, even though the best results are obtained with C++, performance-wise.

That's all, have fun!