Post Migration Status 02/25/2017

Sat 25 February 2017 Translations: it

News on the migration of the website, includes misc stuff

Greetings everybody!

The migration of all the posts of the old website (back the it was made with Wordpress, little experience and a dash of questionable tase) towards the newer, faster, leaner and flexible static website is going well, even though it's a bit slower than what I wanted it to be.

The main fact is that I need to migrate all the posts by hand, extracting them by the backup XML i made with Wordpress, since the automatic migration script crashes on me, also this gives me the change to skim the posts that are outdated/invalid or anyway with "under the ground" quality standards.

Until now almost 90 posts and 15 "static pages" (well, now everything is generated and static) have been migrated successfully, so we're about 30% done (luckily I consider myself a person of few words).

Add to all this that I need to manage all the images that are necessary to make some posts understandable, as well as convert the articles in pure MarkDown, instead of just leaving pieces of HTML laying around.

Hopefully I'll manage to finish all this as soon as possible, so I will be able to dedicate myself to other projects, new articles, real life stories (started with the Databases Project) and more.

Thank you all for reading this update and have a nice one!