Let's create our own Visual Novels with Ren'Py

Introducing Ren'Py, a Python-based Visual Novel engine

Hello everybody,

In the past, I already suggested some tools to create your own videogame adventures, and those tools use Python, for instance

Today I want to give you something a bit more specific: Ren'Py.

Ren'Py is an engine aimed to create Visual Novels and all those videogames that are based on digital storytelling in a fast and quick way if you want a basic product, but can also produce commercial-quality videogames.

This engine uses its own scripting language, which is as simple as reading an english story. Try to read this piece of code, directly from Ren'Py's website:

label family:
    scene bg beach2
    with dissolve

    "It wasn't long before Mary broke the silence, by asking me a question."

    show mary dark smiling
    with dissolve

    m "I told you a little about my family... but I haven't asked you about yours yet. What's your family like?"

    p "When I'm on the island here, I live with my aunt and uncle, but back home, I live with my mother, father, and sister."

    m "A sister? Is she older or younger?"

I'm quite willing to bet that using this language, you would be able to create your own story.

But the engine doesn't stop here, and features:

  • Menus
  • Saving (automatically if you want) and loading Games
  • Predictive image loading
  • Keyboard, mouse and gamepad support
  • Fullscreen Support
  • Skip text or auto-advance it without having to press any key
  • Translations support
  • Much more

This is not over, because Python is not only Ren'Py's heart, but can also be used to create more complex game mechanics, so to satisfy all needs, even those of people who want more from their own creation.

If you want to take a look at Ren'Py, you just need to click on this link to Ren'Py's page.

Again, thanks for reading this post, goodbye and see you next time!