- An overly simplistic GUI for SoX and PulseAudio

After a request of help from a friend, I decided to create this GUI to allow him to use SoX for real time voice changing under linux.

Greetings Everybody,

Some days ago, a friend asked me if there was any kind of voice changing software under Linux, and after seeing that there were no really easy choices I decided to take a look at the command line alternatives.

That's how I found SoX, a small swiss knife for audio editing and filtering, and after some search I learned that it's possible to use this software to have some real-time voice changing.

That's how came to exist, it's a simple Tk GUI that automatically creates a Voice_Changer sink inside pulseaudio, runs the SoX command with the right parameters, allowing to record your edited voice in real time.

There are 3 effects available:

  • Pitch Shift: Allows to change the pitch of your voice
  • Flanger: Adds a delayed line of audio, mixing it with the original audio, giving an effect similar to a Jet Plane passing by
  • Gain: Allows to change the volume

On exit, the program allows to directly kill pulseaudio (which should re-open automatically) so to delete the added sink.

If you are curious and want to take a look, you can check the Github Page

Again, thank you everybody for reading, and see you in the next post.