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Glitch_Heaven is a Video Game which features a well-blended mix of platforming, strategy, puzzle, investigation and a dash of rage.

The game requires critical thinking, careful planning, fast reflexes, good memory and a whole lot of patience to succeed. The gameplay is extremely hard but the sensation of completeness when you finish a level is heart-warming.


Artificial Intelligence, exoskeletons, personal robots... Elysium corporation is about to make the stuff of the future the stuff of every household.

A low-level Engineer at Elysium Corp. may never have trusted AI, but his words and fears were always moot against the irrefutable data, until his fears were met in ways he could have never imagined...



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Greenlight is dead now, please check the post about it by clicking on the logo below.

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The most recent stable version is: Glitch_Heaven Pre-Alpha Release 5(Release date: February 24th, 2017)

Mac OSX support has been dropped since Pre-Alpha release 4, you can find the Pre-Alpha release 3 here:

Want to try an unstable version? Try PRE20161031 (Release Date: October 31st, 2016)

Quality Survey

If you want to contact me and share your experience, thoughts, bugs and suggestions, please take a couple of minutes to fill in the Quality Survey It's completely anonymous, no personal information is requested and it helps making the game better.

Let's Plays

If you want to watch someone playing the game instead, check out these featured Let's Plays!

Disclaimer: All the let's plays are exclusive property of their own authors, so the rights are reserved to the respective creators.