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Glitch_Heaven Devlog - 06/2016

Small updates on the progress of my Game: Glitch_Heaven, Save/Load Menus, Code Optimization and others. All in this month's DevLog.

This is an English Only DevLog post, as the project is developed for English-speaking people.

As every month, here we are with the text DevLog of Glitch_Heaven, and in the trial to give some new life to this blog, I'm going to post the log both on the steam GreenLight Page and on here.

For the second month in a row, most of the edits are under the hood, small optimisations here and there but most of all, readability improvements, which should make the game easier to maintain and help spotting bugs a lot quicker than before.

Here's the usual list of edits in this month's DevLog:

  • Fixed some useless work on "Help Signs", in future the concept will be completely remade
  • Complete rebase of the player entity
  • Removal of more legacy code
  • Fixed a debug mode bug (yes, the debug mode had a bug, a debug bug)
  • Added 2 new glitches, that change the inertia of the player entity
  • Fixed a bug that made Critical Failure Mode crash the game
  • Made the level loading/saving independent from Tk
  • Made the Single Map mode and Campaign Selection independent from Tk
  • The 2 points just mentioned fixed a bug with Tk/SDL crashing the game on Mac OS
  • Started some basic redraw of the tiles, starting from the Mobile Platforms
  • Creation of 2 new wrappers around some components of the menus, to make the code shorter and more readable
  • Added A new component: InputBox, which is used to create new SaveFiles.
  • Fixed a bug where if you touched the ceiling while hovering and looking left, the player entity would start inverting directions every frame.

I'd like to thank every person who helped me testing Glitch_Heaven during the Pre-Alpha stage by reporting bugs and giving me lots of support, I wouldn't be here without all of you.

I would like to thank also whoever decided to play the game for a laugh, and subsequently regretted it xD

Catch You Next Month!