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Glitch_Heaven DevLog 07/2016

Very Minor advancements in this month's devlog, since I coded for only half a month due to University. Let's see what happened.

Hello Everybody, in this month's devlog I don't really have much to say about the progress of the project, mostly because studies and such have been taking my time.

Here's a small list of what happened this month:

  • Fixed collision detection not allowing to cross 1-tile tall spaces
  • Fixed crash when the last level is finished
  • Fixed Savegame module when the savegames folder is empty
  • Added option to erase savefiles
  • Fixed some more bugs that occurred when folders and lists are empty
  • Fixed menu updating when you save games
  • The new Load and save menus are now part of the master branch
  • Fixed a bug with collision detection and teleports, where you crossed the floor on Teleport
  • Added Password locks for Doors, buttons and terminals
  • Started working on a "how to play" section
  • Now exits, help terminals and checkpoints work with the "action" button
  • Now the game has an auto-save feature, it will save every time you complete a level, it just needs a menu button
  • Fixed some bugs in menus that made the game crash
  • Added support for final cutscenes after the last level of a campaign. That's all I have for now, I exclude I'll be able to code more this month due to more upcoming University exams.

For now, see you all next time!