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GH Monthly DevLog 12/2016 - End of the Year

Let's see this month's updates for Glitch_Heaven and some thanks that I feel I really need to give out.

Hello everybody, I'm really sorry for being this late in this devlog, but University has been keeping me busy for a lot, and now it's a quarter to midnight and I'm typing out this article... Oh boy.

Glitch_Heaven this month had some updates, not too many, not too few, I tried to dedicate myself as much as I was allowed to, so let's dive in and see what changed this month:

  • Pre-Alpha 4 was released (and it's buggy too!), but by the time of Pre-Alpha 5 it should be a lot more stable. I really need to learn some way to do testing.
  • DeadBodies now have an option of aging and dying to save memory/CPU power. After 300 seconds they will disappear.
  • Merged the "messages" branch, which should allow for more in-game messages to happen
  • Added more messages for buttons and glitch orbs
  • Fixed some bugs with loading savegames, which funnily enough were given by the logging system and not the loading system itself
  • Fixed more bugs with loading levels, which lead the game to crash.

Ok maybe the updates weren't that many, but considering the situation I'm in, I don't think it's too bad of a job. It's not my main thing, so time is not a great constraint.

Next up: a lighter version of The Rant Corner™, since it's almost Xmas and we're all nicer in this month of the year.

This month is the Christmas month! Or if you live in Italy one of the four Christmas months, because in a twist of madness, you can see Christmas cakes sold in Semptember! And decorations start to pop out mid-november or even earlier.

But this is not what I want to talk about, this isn't the usual bitter/caustic vision of the world of the Rant Corner™, today I want to give out some thanks.

Let's start from the more general ones, but still not "generic". I want to thank all of my friends who supported me over this experience that lasted over an year (it has been 1 year in september/october) and that will probably keep on going as an infinitely improving project over a weird concept that came out from a weird discussion, being built by a weird nerd. All the people who support me deserve a thank you for sure and it's really hard to find words to properly express this kind of sensation.

I open a parenthesis that I'll quickly close, on a personal level many see me as some kind of special being or "master" or someone to have high consideration for.  It's not like I did anything special in my life, as many other people, I have done good and bad things, and past events shaped me like this, and still keep influencing my behaviour. Sometimes for the better, too many times for the worse.

Parenthesis closed, let's get to the juice of this. There are two people who I want to thank in particular.

First of the two, goes on the internet by the nickname of Zyradyl, a great developer and an even better person who I lost contact with and I deeply miss. Zyradyl praised my will to continuously refactor the game's code as well as having the patience to help me in the (so far vain) search for some cool additions to the game's code, whilst giving me hints here and there that helped expanding my knowledge. Non-judgemental, kind and knowledgeable, Zyradyl has been kind of a mentor for me, if words can't explain the general thanks of earlier, I have no idea about now.

The other one, used to go on the internet as EyeNeedMore, is most probably the smartest and most creative person I've ever had the pleasure, NO, the honour of knowing. With an insane amount of knowledge and, most of all, wisdom for their age. EyeNeedMore has been a life guide to me, and left a permanent mark on how I am now as a person and, even though I didn't change much on that side, how I look at the world and myself. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have the slightest crumble of self-esteem and the project would have been abandoned on day 2. Sadly life events told us apart and I miss them a whole lot, and sometimes I just want to send a message in the (probably vain) hope of getting an answer, one day. But as usual, I fear of creating disturbance. They deserve all the good the world has, they're the wisest and most intelligent person I've ever talked to. There is absolutely no way I can express my appreciation, either on this level or on any meta-level over it.

After this long rant, and being genuinely tearing, see you all next year with hopefully some new updates.

Thank you for reading, and if any of my friends reads this, I'd be really happy for you to drop me a message.

Best wishes.