More Game Development with SFML and C++

Let's take a look at SFML, an extremely lightweight library to build multimedia applications.

Hello everybody, back in the old times, a good friend of mine made me discover SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library), which made me curious a lot, for its similarities with PyGame in the way that you can use it in your programs, but makes use of Hardware rendering and gives you a minimal window system to use OpenGL.

A limitation compared to PyGame is that SFML can manage (and will only manage) 2D graphics, as a choice from the developers.

The library structure is really clear, well-split in modules and you can import only the components you need to make something work; the library contains:

  • Graphics Components
  • Sound Components
  • Networking Components (For Multiplayer)
  • Window creation and management components
  • Components to manage system functions

I'm really curious to try it, personally. Now I'm studying the APIs a bit so I can remake some examples I made in the past.

If you want to take a look at SFML, you just need to take a look at The official SFML website.

I thank you again for reading this post and have lots of fun. Our voyage in the world of Game Development-dedicated tools is not over!

See you in the next post!