Software Gratis Consigliati - Grafica

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Section dedicated to raster, vector, technic or non-technic graphics software

Computer Aided Design (CAD):

Suggested Name Description Windows Linux
LibreCAD A really lightweight, 2D Cad software. Fast to boot up, fast to run. Maybe still a bit in need of development, but it's really promising. Allows only for 2D drawings to be made.
QCad A nice open-source CAD. Version 2 is free to use, while version 3 is paid, still at a lower price than most of other commercial CAD software.
FreeCad A good Qt-Based CAD Software. Allows for both 2D and 3D drawings.
BRL-CAD With over 20 years of active development, this open-source modelling software is fast and solid. Newcomes will find it extremely hard to use, but when you learn the main functions it will make you able to do great things. On the official website there are manuals and good documentantion available.
DraftSight 3DS's software that allows to create, read and manipulate DWG files. Needs a free registration for the StandAlone license.

Photo Manipulation / Raster Drawing

Suggested Name Description Windows Linux
Gimp Another uber-famous software. Extremely versatile and featureful. Can be extended via scrips and plugins available on the net.
Paint.Net A good drawing and photo-manipulation software. Sadly the usage of the .Net framework tends to limit its usage only to Windows Systems.
Krita From the team that gave life to KDE and Calligra, here comes a fantastic program for artists who want to draw: Krita. Needs to be tried if you own a graphic tablet (and even if you don't)

Diagram Editors:

Suggested Name Description Windows Linux
DIA Diagrams, Schemes, Circuits, Networks, Room Arranging. You can do everything with this software.
FreeMind A fast software to make spiderweb diagrams and mind maps. If you manage to learn the keyboard commands, you can create complex mind maps in a matter of a few minutes.
Fritzing Software that allows for electronic schemes to be made. Fast and simple to use. Great for the owners of an Arduino or similar.
VYM Another software that allows to quickly create mindmaps. A must for students.

Vector Drawing:

Suggested Name Description Windows Linux
InkScape Great vector drawing software, fast, stable, and simple to use. Great if used with Potrace to make a vector image out of a black and white drawing.

3d surface modelling:

Suggested Name Description Windows Linux
Blender A software that doesn't really need any introduction, so famous it is. A bit complicated, but has still an unmatched power when it comes to modelling.


Name Description Windows Linux
UnderCoverXP A really small program that allows us to print our own CD and DVD covers.
JavE Let's use letters and characters to draw with this awesome program.