Internet Software

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A section dedicated to all the software that is related to the World Wide Web


Suggested Name Description Windows Linux
Mozilla Firefox One of the most famous browsers, average in speed and extensible thanks to the thousands of addons that are available. Has the tendency to become very slow when many plugins are installed.
Midori The really small browser that can surprise anybody. At the heart of this software lies Webkit, the same engine used by Safari. Extremely fast and light, great to be used with low-end computers.
Konqueror 2 for the price of 1: a web browser and a file manager. Fast and easy to use, it's shipped with KDE. Needs to be tried at least once.
Opera Historical browser that first introduced tabbed browsing, definitely fast and pretty comfortable to use too.
Google Chrome Fast and minimalistic, like much software from Google. Extensible via plugins, but a lot fewer if compared to Firefox.
Chromium The open source project that is behind Chrome, and from where Chrome was born.
DWB Super-minimalistic browser that uses a shortcut layout that is similar to the VI text editor. Based on webkit, has some basic plugins. (Unmaintained)
Surf Another browser that dedicates as much space as possible to the real navigation. No toolbars involved. Based on the lightweight Webkit engine. Extremely minimalistic, lacks of some of the more advanced features, like native tabbed surfing.
VimProbable2 As the name suggests, this webkit-based browser reminds a lot of the modal usage of VIM. Last known update is from 2015.
luaKit Luakit is a framework that allows to customize any aspect of your browser using the lua programming language. (Unmaintained since 2012)
Iron Chromium-based browser, optimized for privacy and security.
QuteBrowser Practically, but not quite the rebirth of DWB in Python3 with a double rendering engine. This fantastic program supports both QTWebKit and QTWebEngine (Based on Blink). Good performance and really minimalistic. Fantastic.

Instant Messaging

Suggested Name Description Windows Linux
Skype Feature-complete and free, allows to make voice calls and video calls, as well as chatting with one or more of your friends. Allows to create group calls too.
Kopete Shipped with KDE, Kopete is an IM client that allows to handle different protocols in the same software.
Pidgin A decent Instant Messaging Software that supports a lot of protocols. Sadly many times, the software has to be "dragged" by the community more than by its developers, but I still feel like suggesting its use, since I also use it myself.
Discord Brand-new gamer-dedicated chat, can be used from browsers or its native applications. Needs absolutely a try.
ToX New security-centered protocol, robust and safe. Has all the features that it takes to take down Skype in the P2P and Chat software ranks.

Mail Clients

Suggested Name Description Windows Linux
Mozilla Thunderbird Feature-filled, fast, easy to use, extensible. The perfect recipe for the perfect Email client.
KMail Kontact's email component, works great and it's simple to use. Shipped with KDE.

HTML Editors

Suggested Name Description Windows Linux
Kompozer Formerly known as "NVU" this is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) webpage editor that has all the features you can imagine to create professional-looking pages even if you don't know HTML. Includes a built-in FTP website manager and HTML validation support.


Name Description Windows Linux
TVBrowser A real guide (EPG) to your TV programmes, supports over 1000 channels, both Italian and foreign. Includes about a thousand radio stations too.
FileZilla A powerful FTP client that allows you to manage anything you want, from file servers to your website (i use it for the more advanced blog management)